.Mark Dyer known as Warrior King  was born in Kingston Jamaica on  July 27th 1979. He is a Jamaican reggae singer known within the Caribbean and internationally for his music that is focused on messages about education and uplifting women. Some of Warrior King's best known hits include "Virtuous Woman" (2001), "Hold Da Faith" (2005), "My Life" (2005), "Can't Get Me Down" (2005) and "Wanna Give You Love" (2009).


Warrior King's musical career began in high school where he performed in talent shows. At that time, he followed the musical style of reggae artiste Bounty Killer.

Over time, his style evolved eventually leading to his international chart topping single Virtuous Woman in 2001 (produced by Michael Johnson). In October 2001, this song was # 1 on the Jamaican reggae charts, as well as, the New York Top 30 Reggae Singles chart. In 2002, his debut album Virtuous Woman was released by VP Records and spent nine weeks on the charts. This album included the songs Hold Da Faith and Breath of Fresh Air. Many established producers in the reggae industry contributed to this album including Sheldon 'Calibud' Stewart (Sizzla Kalonji), Lion Paw (Luciano and Junior Kelly) and Penthouse (Buju Banton and Beres Hammond).

In 2005, he released another album called Hold Da Faith whose songs were on the charts for Jamaica's Weekly Countdown[8] and included singles such as My Life, Baby Girl, Education and Can't Get Me Down.[9] His music became known, not only in his native Jamaica, but also Tokyo, London and New York.[10] His 2009 album Love is in the Air featured the hit "Wanna Give You Love" which spent two weeks at the top of the Jamaica Music Countdown Top 25 Reggae Singles Chart.

In September 2011, he released a new album called Tell me how me Sound featuring songs such as Jah is the Only Oneand System is Crazy.


In 2001 when the hit "Virtuous Woman" became well known on the international reggae scene, The Jamaica Observerdeclared Warrior King "one of the artists who made a difference in 2001." In August 2010, Warrior King was recognized by the United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) Marcus Garvey Awards for his contribution to music.He continues to tour the world including Europe, South America and the United States. In April 2011, he completed a tour with renowned reggae singer Luciano, focused on raising funds for countries that recently suffered natural disasters such as Japan.


Warrior King was born in Kingston but moved to Clarendon, Jamaica during his early years. He went to ST Andrew Technical High School(Staths)and studied Human Rights and African Awareness at St. Andrew's Technical College, and then was a mechanical engineering student at the National Tool and Engineering Institute before he changed gears to pursue his musical career.[18] Warrior King is a devout follower of the Rastafarian faith and continues to use his music to reinforce messages about love, tolerance, education and upliftment...

Warrior King

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