When a melody elopes with vocal ingenuity, the results can be explosive. Yet, no eruption can perfectly implore the eardrums to weep ash, unless you’re within the mark of a genius musician, and under the spell of a perfect song.

In walks Kovan Baldwin.... “Call Me.” A summons, an invitation; and the lead single off of the R&B singer/songwriter’s third album entitled "Call Me, set for release in 2014-2015. The name of the single in itself, suggests that you vocally express your accord for this jubilant sound. But in packing more definition to this dose of candid art, the song truly breathes a motive of the singers intent on imparting a windstorm of poetic prose over the music industries lack-luster canvas. Baldwin also has a Bachelor's degree under his belt while pursuing his dream to be a difference maker and trend setter in the sexual based mainstream industry. 

Earnest and eruditely apt, Kovan Baldwin, who simply goes by the stage name Kovan, is gearing up to bring integrity back to music’s audible rewards, as this Twin Cities native prepares to deliver R&B to an enterprising destination. With a lethal penmanship for perfectly characterizing the elements of life, love and lore onto our auditory emporium, this talented vocalist is challenging urban music’s subpar existence, by dropping the elements of lust, and promiscuity from his sound, and engaging us with his melodic dewdrops of irrecoverable substance. Releasing his first album entitled, "Bout Time, in 2007, followed by a critically acclaimed Sophomore LP entitled Gifted, in 2009, not only does Kovan’s talent emit a pleasuring light to his audience, his continued efforts of seeking success, read like an arduous climb between a man and his mountain. Kovan is prepared to not only defeat the game, but redefine its coordinates with his own composition of characterizing vocal art.

He’s performed on a multitude of stages and sung in a myriad of festivals, from The Lounge Night Club to the annual Juneteenth Celebration. As well as opening up for Lenny Williams, Alexander Oneal, Pleasure P and the Ying Yang Twins Featured in the Source Magazine in July 2010 for his hit song “Let Me See You Do It,” also on CBS Minnesota and being dubbed the Twin Cities Rising Star and the "Twin Cities New Sound". Baldwin is gearing up to be a household superstar, this talented musician is only at the start of his journey through sound, but as time progresses his efforts will unleash to him a red carpet welcome.

Be on the lookout for a true shooting star



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