Born in Chicago Illinois Greg "G-Man" Raupp has always shown love for music. While in the hospital with pneumonia, he met his first actress/singer."Honey Casper" Thereafter, he and Honey spent much time together regarding music, In grade school, he took regular music courses and even played a little drums and guitar. While in high school, he spent many days and nights listening and enjoying music, theater, and opera. As a sophomore, he enjoyed hanging out back stage with performing arts dancers. He spent his weekends immersed in music, snow skiing and water skiing. From Sitzmark snow and Ski director, Don Gronke, Tom and Kristy West, and Wilmont Master "Doc" West. After high school graduation, Greg moved to Aspen, Colorado where he packed snow trails in the morning to recieve free afternoon skiing while living in the youth hotel. He then worked at the Red Onion Restaurant as a waiter; He met many celebrities including the late Duke, himself, John Wayne. The Duke always requested to have Gman serve him. Many weekend nights were spent with friends around camp fires in the mountains, One of Greg's friends was John Denver, We all gave him the nickname "Cricket" because he was always singing and playing his guitar in the mountains and fields. Greg returned to Chicago, after a couple of years and worked with mobile homes, Concord Computing and ended up working for Madison Square Garden’s. 


He then developed a working investment with his first music group called "Moppy". At that time they played up and down Lakeshore Drive and the Chicago area including the Great Lakes Naval Base. Their music was R&B with a taste of rock and many cover tunes. Greg the met fellow music lovers and soon to be awesome friends, Kris and Cindy Vinicky, at the club in Chicago. By this time, the group was well known, and became friends with Al Green. While promotion with Madison Square Garden’s, Greg developed well report with Chicago P.D. Sgt. Crocker at O'Hare Airport Detail. Met and developed relationships with The Gaslight Club, Senator Pochinski, Mayar Daley, and met many artist and celebrities, James Brown was the first to call him "the little guy" . While at O' Hare, met and dealt with Modern Airlines and stewardesses. The most regular contact was the Jackson Five who would come up from South Chicago and stop at O'Hare to meet and greet, All of them who travel in the limos to the sister hotel and they would perform at Arlington Race Track.

Greg "G-Man, last year was invited by a great favorite L.A. friend to see and greet Michael, Jermaine, and Janet Jackson for Joe Jackson's birthday at Never land Ranch. Many artists and celebrities were there including Simon from the Las Vegas Hollywood Magazine. Greg then moved from Chicago to New Mexico, first to Las Alamos, then to Cochiti Lake, While in Cochiti Lake, Greg developed a tremendous report with the tribe at Cochiti Pueblo which led into Santo Domingo, then San Felipe, Taos Pueblos in New Mexico. He then married and his  daughters, Kristy and Krystal, were born, At that time, three small businesses were formed, a video store called Movies N More, two mobile ice cream trucks and a mobile power wash company called A-MPW. A-MPW grew into the largest pressure washing company in Albuquerque, NM; The Company was literally a house hold name.


Greg then went to work for Lonnie Alls up's Convenience Stores. Lonnie only had twenty-eight stores and Greg was promoted to area supervisor of thirteen stores in New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. After ten years in New Mexico, Greg relocated to Las Vegas. NV, His daughters graduated from Cimarron High School, Las Vegas brought many deals. One was after two years of semi-retirement; a rebirth of mobile power was to A-MPW for ten years. This gave Greg another nickname, G-Man, from a DJ named Jet.


Music then became a major part of Greg's life, entertaining many artists with barbeques, pool parties, and countless days and nights on G-Man's boat and jet skis at Calville Bay at Lake Mead, G-Man's house became the place to stay for a group of artists who gave birth to lyrics, beats, and songs. This is when he met Tammy who led him to an R&B hip hop group called Heat. Investments were made and their second album was released in April 2005. G-Man and Fingerz (Kevin) went on many tours with heat in Texas, New Mexico, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and California. They spent many hours meeting LL Cool J, A-Marie, Frankie J, and Baby Bash, Silk, and Roam, to mention just a few, Both were back and forth from Vegas to Phoenix, many times, to help with the project.


In the summer of 2003, G-Man moved to Phoenix to be around and work with Heat thru investments with investors in he found for Artbeat Productions with Sean Jordan. G-Man also raised money and found investors for the first album. Also managed the group "HEAT" and booked gig's for them Thru Media Port, G-Man successfully had a track re-mixed and mastered to be put on a copulation CD along with other artists including Nancy Sinatra. In late 2004, G-Man returned to Las Vegas to network and after approximately two months, he developed Art A Sight Productions, a promotion and production company and launched his new website,, in March 19, 2005.


G-Man plans to use his past music, management, and travel experience to develop notes, vocally and on paper, radio, and TV. This is an ongoing process that will be developed, day to day and will soon be heard, seen and listened across the United States and Europe.


"Be straight and things will be great!" Concept to completion!!!


Networking thru the internet for future artist with up and coming artist development is G-Man's goal working, recording and traveling with up and coming artist is in the near future. Currently ArtaSight Productions is working with a lyricist by the name of Kelly, She also has the talent to be very successful and grow with these artists.


Vanessa is a publicist a very honest and diligent and successful writer who has worked with artist from A to Z, like Pedepablo George Clinton, Snoop Dogg to lightly to mention a few, Just this month views on the web site are casinos, producers, both underground and national artists and clubs. With -in a short of time a handful of shows has developed thru the web site. G-Man's goal again is going to happen in the near future. Statewide in the U.S. and Europe contacts are developing monthly.


Currently many studios exist in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, G-Man is watching, networking to establish a ground floor relationship with getting knowledge and contracts for the new studio at the Palms Hotel and Casino. This is a project of George Maloof. It would be a tremendous high to work in any way with his new studio. Another project for ArtaSight is being an agent for songwriters. Providing service to artist is a natural and currently stills managing attain and some booking established and national artist.


"Vision without action is a dream, Action without vision is a nightmare."


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