Brandon Elliot Smith is a native of Phoenix, Arizona... As a singer since the age of 2, a keyboard player since the age of 5, a drummer since the age of 6, an actor since the age of 9, an organist since the age of 12 & a songwriter/producer since the age of 16, he is no stranger to the world of music & entertainment. Over the last few years, he has been part of numerous elite vocal ensembles, worked with countless choirs, won numerous music competitions, acted in numerous plays & musicals, written & produced for artists across the world, & even enjoyed the honor of attending the world renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. With his debut project soon to be released, his main objective is to encourage, inspire, and spread love, joy & healing through the gift of music.

As a person who has been trained to never spend too much time celebrating his most recent accomplishment, Brandon is constantly striving towards reaching that next goal &/or taking advantage of that next big opportunity. One of the greatest challenges has proven to be the process of somehow standing out amongst the masses of true talent (especially those who already handily reside in one of the several industry "hot-spots"). Despite this reality, Brandon has refused to give up on his life-long dream. Strategy is key, & while the road to success most certainly has not been easy, Brandon’s accomplishments both recent and soon-to-come have continued to prove this one thing: In life, everyone has their "time". For Brandon Elliot Smith, that "time" is NOW...


Brandon Elliot Smith

Im Good - Brandon Elliot Smith
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