Shaka Rock, the oldest of the threes sons of Reggae Classic-Garth Dennis, says “We make it cool to be conscious”. Gyasi Gong and King Saeed complete the trinity that is known as Blaze Mob. They have created a unique sound that is aptly described as World Beat Reggae. Shaka Rock on the bass, Gyasi Gong on the drums and King Saeed on the keyboards stand solid’s as Blaze Mob. 

Garth Dennis former member of 2 legendary Jamaican groups, Black Uhuru and Wailing Souls brought home instruments from years of touring & natural synthesis occurred. Blaze Mob put the instruments to good use at a very young age and became self-taught musician. Gyasi Gong says “We are here to give the world a new sound.” A new sound indeed from 1st CD called “More Consciousness”. It features songs such as “Big and Bold”, “Let me know”, and the cultivating culturally inspiring song “Marcus Garvey.” Their harmonizing is in-sync ever so eloquently on the track “Can’t get away,” which is reminiscent of an R&B tune with soulful melodies. Rasta loving is represented with a splendid head-bopping groove called “Kick back.” The title track “More Consciousness” is the winner with the lyrics and composition, all this and more from the 16 track album that is full of their life experiences, exciting musical potential and pure vibes. 

This comes as no surprise as their heritage shows and tells in their music. Emerging from 19 Third Street in Trench Town J.A, their grandmother’s yard was a popular rehearsal spot, for the young Wailers-Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and many other reggae icons. Their uncle was the talented Musical Director and Producer, Joe Higgs the Godfather of Reggae. Their artistic heritage was set, to seal their fate in Reggae History.
Garth Dennis recorded one of their songs on the 1994 Black Uhuru Grammy nominated CD “Strongg”, they were 11, 9 & 8 year old. The song was entitled “Eye Of an Angel”. This afforded Blaze Mob membership as writers with A.S.C.A.P. They have continued to write and compose all their material. Blaze Mob is currently working on thier sophomore 16 track CD that exudes a cross-pollinated L.A./Kingston style that draws from both Jamaican roots and the Hollywood “fast lane”. The tracks with Jamaican songstress Etana titled ‘Revolution’, and ‘Black Heart Soul Man’ co-produce with Ashton Barrett, son of Family man of the Wailers reflects their commitment to Jamaican roots. The creative cover of Bob Marley’s ‘I Shot the Sheriff’, clearly represent the Dancehall influence. 
Blaze Mob music is a cultural representation of their rich Jamaican heritage.

And so the saga continues…

Zenani - Blaze Mob
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Blaze Mob

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